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About us

Our Mission

We promote peace, education and mutual understanding by fostering relationships between the people of St. Louis, Missouri and Samara, Russia through cooperative exchanges of culture, business, ideas and areas of shared interest.

St. Louis-Samara Sister Cities Committee

Since 1992, the cities of St. Louis, Missouri and Samara, Russian Federation have worked to develop cross-cultural educational and business relationships. In concert with Sister Cities International, the St. Louis World Trade Center and a group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, the St. Louis Sister Cities Committee has participated and sponsored numerous events in St. Louis. The Committee encourages international exchanges by hosting and promoting delegations of medical professionals between Samara and St. Louis. In addition, the Committee has had a strong presence at the St. Louis Festival of Nations, sent English teachers to Russia, hosted a photography project and worked to promote Russian culture and business in the greater St. Louis area.

Our Leadership

Board of directors TR Carr, Mayor of Hazelwood, 2000-2009
Robert Heuermann
Carl Trautmann
President Dimitriy Kabargin
Legal Secretary Stuart Symington
Treasurer TR Carr
Web and Social Media Ed Casabar
Elizabeth Rossano

Our Logo

The logo of the St. Louis-Samara Sister Cities Committee brings together the famous symbols of each city. Completed in 1968, the Gateway Arch, is well-recognized American icon and national monument to the westward expansion of the United States. It is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis. The wild, white goat of Samara has been part of the coat of arms and flag of the city since 1780 and was chosen to symbolize hope, abundance, freedom and moral purity. The two curved lines in our logo represent the two rivers that intersect each city. The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers come together at St. Louis, while Samara is bordered by the Volga and Samara Rivers. Lastly, the names of the cities appear in both Russian and English to represent the Committee's commitment to cross-cultural exchange and fostering understanding between the two countries.

Pictured to the left: a few of our volunteers, guests and Samaran delegates who were present for a going-away party for the Samaran medical delegation, November, 2010.